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In different scenarios, your HP Envy x360’s touchscreen may fail to work. But, with a few strategies, the complete error can be fixed. In this article, let us discuss some effective troubleshooting solutions to fix the HP Envy X360 Touchscreen Not Working issue. Now, let us learn the solutions one by one.

Touchscreen Not Working On HP Envy X360

Update/Reinstall The Touchscreen Driver

If the touchscreen is not enabled, it might not respond to your touch. In some instances, you need to reinstall it to fix the trouble.

  • On your Windows computer, navigate to the Device Manager section. Expand Human Interface Devices, right-click on HID-compliant touchscreen, and select Enable.
  • Now, tap the screen to check if it responds. If it is not yet responding, right-click on HID-compliant touchscreen and select Uninstall. Then, restart your computer so that it reinstalls the touchscreen driver. Then, check if the touchscreen is responding.
  • In case your problem is still not rectified, go ahead and configure the touch display. The following section will guide you in that regard.

Configure The Touch Display

  • To configure the touchscreen, click Start and search for “calibrate the screen” option.
  • When it shows you the search results, click Calibrate the screen for pen and touch input.
  • Go to the Display tab and click the Setup button.
  • On the following screen, click Touch input.
  • Go ahead with the directions on the screen to identify your screen as the touchscreen. Then, see if your HP Envy X360 touch screen stopped working problem is rectified.

Update Windows Computer

  • On your Windows computer, click Start and Select Settings > Update & Security > Windows Update > Check for updates.
  • If it displays any available updates, install them and then restart your computer when prompted.

Perform A Touchscreen Diagnostic Test

  • If there is any problem with the touchscreen hardware, the HP PC Hardware Diagnostics UEFI test can help you detect the exact trouble and fix it in the best way possible.
  • Connect the AC adapter to your HP Envy X360 laptop. Turn off your HP laptop by pressing the Power button.
  • Again turn it on and immediately press the Esc button repeatedly. When you see the Startup menu, press the F2 key.
    When it directs you to the HP PC Hardware Diagnostic screen, click the Component Tests button. Then, select Touchscreen > Touch Pointer Test > Run once.
  • Once the test ends, it will show you the results. Here click Main Menu > Component Tests Touchscreen > Drag and Drop Test. Again, click the Run once button.
  • This diagnostics will help you identify the exact trouble (whether the touchscreen responds or responds inaccurately).

Make Some Changes To The Power Management Settings

In most instances, power management settings can stop the touchscreen from responding after waking from sleep. Therefore, when you make some changes to the power settings, you can make the touchscreen stay active even when the computer is in sleep mode.


  • On your Windows computer, open the Device Manager section.
  • Expand Human Interface Devices. Right-click on the HID-compliant touchscreen option and select Properties.
  • Click the Power Management tab and deselect the Allow the computer to turn off this device to save power option.


  • Then, click OK. Hereafter, the touchscreen will work after waking the computer from sleep mode.
  • If this doesn’t work, go ahead and perform a hard reset. Once you reset the laptop, wait until it starts. Then, tap the screen and make sure it is responding.

If none of these troubleshooting solutions have helped you fix the “HP Envy X360 touchscreen not working” problem, get in touch with our technical experts for real-time assistance. Go ahead and use the call option on this page for the purpose.

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