HP Envy X360 Setup - Simple Procedures

The lightweight, stylish, and portable laptop, ‘HP Envy x360’ has already reached a wide range of people. The cool features of this laptop series, such as a convenient keyboard, touchscreen display, fingerprint sensor, etc., make it stand unique from other laptops.

The setup process of this laptop is quite similar to other laptops. However, if you’re looking for a simple guide to know how to set up the HP Envy x360 laptop, then this article is for you.

Here, we have explained the HP Envy x360 setup, from unboxing to configuring the settings.

HP Envy X360 Setup

HP Envy X360 Setup - Let’s Get Started

The HP Envy x360 laptop supports the following Windows operating systems: 7, 8, 8.1, 10, and 11. Here, we have shown you how to set up this laptop using Windows 10. After setting up the laptop, you can upgrade its OS to Windows 11 if necessary.

Unboxing The Laptop

  • Begin with unboxing if you haven’t unpacked your laptop yet.
  • Open the box. You can find a setup sheet, power adapter and cable, and the HP Envy x360 laptop inside the box.
  • Take the laptop out of the box.
  • Remove the laptop from the plastic package and place it on a neat surface.

Connecting The Laptop To A Power Source

  • Before turning on the laptop, connect the power adapter to it.
  • This will help you charge the laptop immediately when its power drains out while using it.
  • Plug the AC adapter from the laptop’s inlet to your electrical outlet.
  • Avoid using a power strip, surge protector, or secondary power source to connect the laptop to your power source.
  • If you have bought an external wired mouse or keyboard for your laptop, connect it now.

Turning On The Laptop

  • Press the Power button on your laptop. You can find this button on the left-hand side of the laptop.
  • The laptop might take a few seconds to become stable
  • .
  • After the HP logo appears (within a few seconds), the screen titled ‘Let’s start with region. Is this correct?’ will open.
  • Choose your country or region and save it.

Configuring The Initial Settings - HP Envy X360

  • A screen asking you to choose the keyboard layout will open once you have selected your region.
  • Select the layout from the list and click Yes.
  • The List And Click Yes
  • Ensure that your wireless access point is turned on.
  • Now, the “Let’s connect you to a network” screen displaying the available networks will open.
  • Choose your network name and click Connect. If necessary, click the checkbox beside Connect automatically below your network name.
  • Accept the Windows 10 License Agreement when prompted.
  • Also, sign in to your Microsoft account or create a new one when prompted.
  • If your HP Envy x360 laptop supports a fingerprint sensor, a screen that looks like this will open.
  • Supports A Fingerprint Sensor
  • Add your fingerprint as instructed on the opened screen.
  • Complete the rest of the HP Envy x360 initial setup by following the on-screen instructions.

Completing The HP Envy X360 Setup

  • The desktop screen will show up once you have finished your laptop's initial setup.
  • Check whether the date and time are displayed correctly.
  • If not, modify them.
  • Update the Windows OS if prompted.

This is how you should perform the HP Envy x360 setup. Also learn about HP Envy x360 Heating Issues

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