How To Fix Hp Envy X360 Heating Issues?

Is your HP Envy x360 laptop getting overheated? If yes, don’t worry. Many people like you face this problem with their laptops. The good thing is that there are some workarounds that you can try to overcome these Hp Envy X360 Heating Issues.

Hp Envy X360 Heating Issues

Hp Envy X360 Heating Issues- Let’s Fix Them

Why is my HP laptop getting overheated?

Well, a laptop or PC overheats in many situations, such as the following:

Let's Unbox The Hp Envy X360 Laptop

  • Placing the laptop on a heated surface
  • Running many applications at a time
  • Using the laptop for too long

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  • Air blocking due to dust occurs
  • Power adapter failure occurs
  • Motherboard failure occurs

Keeping the above criteria in mind, try resolving the HP Envy x360 heating issues. The rest of this article explains the same.

Relocating The Hp Envy X360 Laptop

  • Generally, most laptops are designed to work within a safe temperature (between 50 to 90 degrees). When you use your laptop at a temperature that is more than 90 degrees, there are chances for it to get overheated.
  • So, to avoid overheating, ensure that your laptop is placed in a cool place.

Cleaning The Dust Particles In Hp Envy X360

  • The dust particles inside your laptop will complicate the airflow process.
  • So, when the fans inside the laptop try to remove a large amount of dust, they start spinning faster than usual, and as a result, the laptop gets overheated.
  • In this case, clean the dust particles manually using the cleaning vents recommended for your laptop.

Checking The Power Adapter with Hp Envy X360

  • You might also face a heating issue if your laptop's power adapter outputs incorrect voltage.
  • Make sure that you’re using the correct power adapter with your laptop.

Closing The Apps On HP Envy x360

  • Running too many applications might also result in the HP Envy x360 heating issues.
  • So, close all the unwanted applications on your laptop to resolve this issue.

Shutting Down The HP Envy x360 Laptop

  • When you use your laptop for too long, there is a chance for it to overheat.
  • So, if you’re using your laptop for a longer duration, shut it down for a while, and then start using it.

Replacing The Motherboard On HP Envy x360

  • You might also face heating issues on your HP Envy x360 laptop if its motherboard is damaged.
  • In this case, you have to replace the board to resolve the issue.

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