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Almost all the HP Envy Pro 6455 printer problems are resolvable. So, if you’re facing a printer problem for the first time, don’t panic. Try to learn its cause and perform the necessary troubleshooting techniques to resolve it.

This HP Envy Pro 6455 troubleshooting page shows you how to fix the three common printer problems, which are:

Hp Envy Pro 6455 Troubleshooting Methods
  • Paper Jams
  • Paper-feed issues
  • Printing issues

Paper Jams


  • Loading incompatible paper types
  • Overloading the paper tray
  • Failing to remove the packing materials completely

The above reasons will lead to the “paper jam” issue.

Recommended Solutions For Hp Envy Pro 6455

  • Use the compatible/recommended paper type. Make sure that the compatible and recommended paper type is loaded into the paper tray.
  • Load the paper only to the maximum limit mark if you have overloaded the paper in the tray.
  • Now, open the paper tray.
  • Remove the jammed paper from the paper and output trays.
  • Look for the jammed paper in other parts of the printer and remove it.
  • After doing that, press the Cancel button.
  • Now, your printer will automatically clear the jam error.

Paper-feed Issues


  • This issue occurs when you load curled, used, or sticky papers into the paper tray.
  • It also occurs if the paper tray of your printer is empty.

Quick Solutions

  • Make sure that a stack of neat and plain sheets is loaded into the tray.
  • Don’t overload the paper into the tray. Because this can lead to the paper-feed problem.
  • After loading the paper, adjust the width guides properly.
  • Ensure that the guides don’t bend the paper.

Hp Envy Pro 6455- Printing Issues- Print Results Not Satisfactory


Print quality issues occur when you do the following:

  • Install a non-genuine ink cartridge into the printer.
  • Load an incompatible or wrong paper type.
  • Set the Quality Settings wrongly in the Print dialog box.
  • Perform the print operation with empty or low ink cartridge(s).

Five Solutions To Resolve The Print Quality Issue

  • Install genuine HP ink cartridges into the cartridge slots.
  • Replace the cartridges if the ink levels of the existing ones are empty or low.
  • Check the Quality Settings in the Print dialog box. Make sure that the media type and other settings are configured correctly.
  • Load the compatible paper type if you have loaded an incompatible one.
  • Align the cartridges if you have failed to do so after installing them.

We hope that this HP Envy Pro 6455 troubleshooting guide has helped you resolve your printer’s paper jam, print, and paper-feed issues.

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