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HP Envy Pro 6455 Printer Offline

Well, ‘printer offline’ is a common problem that many people like you face. This problem occurs due to numerous reasons. Some of them are:

  • Failing to prepare the printer properly
  • Not connecting the printer and your computer to the same network
  • Misconfigured print settings
  • Using outdated printer driver or firmware
  • Firewall settings

Even if the offline problem occurs on the HP Envy Pro 6455 printer for numerous reasons, you can resolve it yourself in no time.

HP Envy Pro 6455 Printer Offline - Solved

First Things First

Try these simple workarounds to bring your printer back online.

  • First, check if your printer is turned on. If not, turn it on. Also, ensure that the printer is not in sleep mode.
  • Next, check the input tray and the cartridge slots. If the tray is empty, reload it. Similarly, if the ink cartridges are not installed properly, remove and reinstall them.
  • Make sure that your HP Envy printer is connected to the Windows or Mac computer.
  • Restart the printer. Then, check the printer status. If it says offline again, soft reset your printer.
  • To do so, turn on your printer if it is turned off. Now, gently remove the power cord from the printer. Do this while the printer is still turned on.
  • Wait for 60 seconds from the second you disconnected the cord.
  • After that, reconnect the cord and turn on your printer. If the printer status is displayed as offline again on your computer, try the advanced methods below to resolve it.

Advanced Methods

Use The Hp Smart App

  • The HP Smart app not only helps you to set up the printer and access the printer-related operation from your smartphone or computer to the machine, it also helps you resolve these common problems.
  • For Windows: Open the app. Click on the Diagnose & Fix icon. Resolve the printer offline issue by following the on-screen instructions.
  • For Mac: Open HP Smart. Click Printers > Diagnose & Fix. Choose your printer and click Start.

Use The HP Diagnostic Tool For Windows

If you’re using a Windows computer, install and use the HP Print and Scan Doctor tool to detect and fix this printer.

Set As Default Printer (windows)

  • Generally, when you click Print, the installer or app will select the printer that is set as default machine on your computer.
  • So, check if your HP Envy printer is set as default. If not, set it as the default printer and then check if the printer offline problem is fixed.

Disable Use Printer Offline (windows)

  • Check if the Use Printer Offline option is enabled on your printer.
  • If yes, disable it.
  • To do so, open your HP printer's Properties dialog box.
  • Choose Printer and deselect the Use Printer Offline option.

Re-add The Printer (mac)

  • Select your printer in the Printers & Scanners window.
  • Click Minus > Delete Printer.
  • Restart your Mac computer if prompted.
  • After that, re-add your printer by clicking the plus sign.

Reset The Printing System

  • Select your printer and right-click anywhere in the Printers list of the Printers & Scanners window.
  • Choose Reset printing system.

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