How To Get HP Envy 7155 Printer Setup?

In this web page, We will explain how to configure HP envy 7155 printer setup easily.

HP Envy 7155 Printer Setup

Simple Steps To Unpack And Set Up Your HP Envy 7155 Printer

  • Begin with the unpacking process if your printer is still packed.
  • Remove all the foreign and packing materials from inside and outside the printer.
  • After unpacking your printer completely, connect it to an electrical outlet and turn it on.
  • Once your HP Envy 7155 printer becomes stable and idle, choose the device language, date/time, and other settings as per your preferences.
  • After configuring the settings, make sure to press the Yes button.
  • Now, get the genuine ink cartridges that are shipped along with the product.
  • Remove the orange protective tape from the cartridges.
  • Now, gently raise your printer’s ink cartridge access door.
  • Install the unpacked ink cartridges into their slots.
  • Ensure that the cartridges are installed properly and lower the door.
  • Now, open the input tray of your printer.
  • Take the output tray from the printer.
  • Move the width guides of the input tray to the outermost position.
  • Fan a stack of plain or U.S. paper and load it into the tray.
  • If necessary, adjust the width guides properly.
  • Place the output tray back into the printer.
  • Now, an initialization process will be initiated automatically by the printer.
  • Wait for it to complete.
  • Once it is done, the printer prints a calibration page to make sure that the printer’s physical setup is done correctly.
  • Finally, install the HP Envy 7155 printer software or the HP Smart app on your computer or smartphone to finish the setup process.
  • During the software installation, choose the connection type as per your preferences and connect the printer to your computer.


  • Visit the HP printer’s official support page.
  • Choose the HP Envy 7155 printer from the product list.
  • Now, in the opened window, click Software, Drivers and Firmware > GO. Make sure that your OS type is selected correctly.
  • Select the printer driver that you need and click the Download button beside it.


The HP Easy Start and HP Smart app are available for macOS. Based on your macOS version, the availability may vary. To download the HP Envy 7155 printer driver for your Mac computer, refer to the instructions given above.


The HP Smart app is the recommended HP Envy 7155 printer driver for your Windows 10 computer. Download this app for your computer by referring to the instructions given above.


  • On your HP Envy 7155 printer’s support page, click on the Manuals tab.
  • Now, a list of user guides available for this printer model will be displayed on the screen.
  • Choose the manual that you need.
  • Click the Download button below it.
  • Now, the soft copy of the printer’s manual will start to download.


Wi-Fi setup using the Wireless Setup Wizard

  • Initially, turn on your HP printer, wireless router and computer.
  • Next, download the printer driver for your OS type if you haven’t downloaded it yet.
  • Now, on the main screen of your printer, tap the Wi-Fi icon.
  • Select Settings > Wireless Settings > Wireless Setup Wizard. (Note: If you wish to use the WPS method to perform the wireless setup, then select the Wi-Fi Protected Setup option on the Wireless Settings screen and follow the prompts displayed on the screen to complete the setup.)
  • Now, perform the easy on-screen prompts to connect your printer to the Wi-Fi network.
  • Once your HP printer is connected to the wireless network, connect the computer to the same network and run the HP Smart app or the HP Easy Start software.
  • Complete the Wi-Fi setup by following the rest of the instructions displayed on the screen.


  • Initially, install the HP Smart app or the HP printer software on your computer and connect the printer to it.
  • Next, get the original document that you want to scan.
  • Ensure that your HP Envy 7155 printer, computer, or smartphone is connected to the same network.
  • Use the HP Smart app to scan a document from your smartphone, Windows 10, or macOS device.
  • Similarly, use the HP printer software if it is compatible with your computer OS type.
  • To “scan to computer”: Connect your Windows or Mac computer and the printer and enable the Scan to computer feature on your printer.
  • To “scan to Email”: Install the HP printer software on your computer. Choose the Email option when configuring the scan settings.
  • To scan using webscan, enable the Webscan feature on your printer from its EWS page.


  • Initially, enable the scan to a computer feature on your printer. To do so, on your Mac computer, open HP Utility. Go to the Scan Settings section. Select Scan to Computer > Enable Scan to Computer.
  • Next, place the document or photo that you want to scan on your printer’s scanner glass.
  • On your Mac computer, open the HP Easy Scan software.
  • Choose the scan type and click the Scan button.


Scan to email using the HP printer software (Windows)

  • On the scanner glass of your printer, load the photo or document that you want to scan.
  • Open the HP printer software.
  • Click Scan a Document or Photo > Scan > Email.
  • Configure the scan setting as per your preferences.
  • Finally, click the Scan button.


  • Load the first page of the photo or document that you want to scan on the scanner glass.
  • On your Windows or Mac computer, open the HP Smart app.
  • Go to the Scan tab.
  • Click the Get Started button.
  • Choose the scan option and configure the settings.
  • Click the Scan button.
  • Now, the HP Envy printer will start to scan the first page of the document.
  • Once it is scanned, a preview of it will be displayed on the screen.
  • In the preview window, click the Add button to scan the second page of the document.
  • Place the second page of the document on the glass and click Scan.
  • Similarly, scan all the pages of the document.
  • Finally, click Save to store the scanned files as PDF.


Continue reading this page to know the basic solutions to resolve the HP Envy 7155 printer issues.

  • Restart your HP Envy 7155 printer.
  • Check and resolve the connectivity issue.
  • Set your printer as the default on the computer.
  • Reinstall the printer driver if necessary.
  • Disable the Use Printer Offline option if it is enabled.
  • Reset the printer if necessary. To do so, unplug the printer's cord when it is turned on. Leave the printer to cool for at least 15 seconds. Next, reconnect the cord and turn on the printer.
  • Turn on your wireless router or the access point.
  • Ensure that your printer is placed within the range of the router.
  • Check whether your wireless network meets the requirements of the printer or not. If not, connect the printer to some other network that meets the requirement.
  • Disable the firewall feature or security software temporarily.
  • Restore the network settings and reconnect the printer to the same Wi-Fi network.

Restoring the network settings

  • From your printer’s dashboard, select Setup.
  • Now, on the opened screen, tap Network Setup > Restore Network Settings > Yes.
  • Initially, check whether the black ink cartridge is installed properly or not. If not, reinstall it properly.
  • Next, check the ink levels of the cartridge. (Tap the Ink icon on your printer’s dashboard).
  • If the estimated ink level is low or empty, then replace the cartridge with the new one and check whether the printer not printing in black issue is resolved or not.
  • As the first step of troubleshooting, check to make sure that your HP Envy 7155 printer is turned on.
  • Check to make sure you have installed the latest version of the scanner driver on your computer. If not, uninstall the existing one and install the latest one.
  • Configure the scan settings correctly and re-perform the scan operation.
  • Check your printer's ink cartridges level. If necessary, replace them.
  • Remove and reinstall the cartridges if they are installed properly.
  • Make sure that the cartridges are unpacked properly.
  • Select the Skip Blank pages option if the document that you’re printing has blank pages.

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