HP Envy 6455e Troubleshooting | Configurations

Are you looking for HP Envy 6455e Troubleshooting with your printer? Or is your HP Envy 6455e printer not responding to the print or scan operation?

If yes, this page is for you. Here, we have covered some simple work arounds that help you clear almost all the printer problems and the advanced solution to fix two common issues, namely paper jam and printer not printing.

So, let’s get started!

HP Envy 6455e Troubleshooting

Hp Envy 6455e Troubleshooting - Easy Solutions

  • If you face a problem with your printer for the first time, 'restarting' is the best and simplest method to resolve it. Restart your printer and the computer.
  • In many cases, print and printer-related problems occur due to communication issues between the printer and your computer. This happens if the devices are not connected to the same network. So, check and connect your printer and the computer to the same network.
  • Sometimes, an incompatibility issue can also lead to many printer-related problems. Always keep the printer driver and your computer OS up-to-date.
  • Use the diagnostic tool from HP. The HP printer manufacturer also recommends some tools to detect and resolve common printer issues.
  • Use the HP Smart app. This app will alert you when something goes wrong. For example, consider you’re trying to scan a document with your printer. If the printer or scanner is facing some problem in processing your scan request, the ‘Scanning is Currently Unavailable’ message will appear on the app screen.
  • Scanning Is Currently Unavailable
  • Similarly, use the HP Print and Scan Doctor tool if you’re encountering a problem with your Windows computer.

HP Envy 6455e - Paper Jam

  • When paper is jammed on your printer, press the Cancel button on its control panel.
  • Jammed On Your Printer
  • Look for the jammed paper inside the printer and remove it.
  • Once done, print a test page.
  • The paper jam problem is resolved if the printer prints the page successfully.

HP Envy 6455e - Printer Offline

  • First, ensure that your HP Envy printer is turned on and connected to the computer.
  • Next, check the printer status on your computer. If the offline message is displayed and you see a gray circle beside the printer name, right-click on it.
  • Choose See what’s printing. Click Printer > Use Printer Offline. Uncheck this option if it is selected.
  • Use Printer Offline

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