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Begin the setup by unpacking if you’re going to set up a new printer for the first time. If you want to set up an already used (second-hand) printer, ensure that its settings are restored to default. After that, turn on the printer and use the HP Smart app to complete the setup.

This printer article will help you perform the HP Envy 6452e setup for the first time.

HP Envy 6452e Setup

HP Envy 6452e Printer Solutions

You can set up this HP printer in ten simple steps. Read the instructions below to learn more about the same.

  • Prepare the printer for setup. Before beginning the HP Envy 6452e setup, check whether the printer is unpacked. If not, unpack it completely without leaving a single piece of packing material.
  • Switch on your printer. Get the printer’s power cord. Connect one end of this cord to a working electrical outlet and plug the other end into the printer’s inlet. This HP Envy printer will turn on automatically when you connect it to the outlet.
  • Go to your smartphone or computer and install the HP Smart app on it. Open the app and tap or click Get Started > Add a printer.
  • Install The HP Smart App
  • The app will detect the printer that is in setup mode or connected to the same network as your computer. Generally, the Wi-Fi setup mode will be activated on your printer when you turn it on for the first time. This mode lasts for two hours. After turning on the printer, don’t press the Wi-Fi button. This will disable the Wi-Fi setup mode on your printer.
  • Install your HP Envy 6452e printer on the computer or smartphone over a wireless network by following the prompts displayed on the screen.
  • Once the Envy printer is connected to your wireless network and set up on the computer or smartphone, a screen prompting you to complete the printer’s hardware setup will open.
  • Open the input tray. Move the guides to the ends. Fan and load a stack of plain or U.S. paper into the tray. Adjust the guides and close the tray.
  • Click Continue on the ‘Let’s load plain and photo paper!’ screen.
  • Load Plain And Photo Paper
  • Now, the Install cartridges screen will open. Get genuine HP ink cartridges and unpack them. Open the printer access door. Install the unpacked ink cartridges into their slots. Ensure that the black cartridge is installed on the right side of the slot and the tri-color cartridge on the left. Close the access door.
  • Align the printer to complete the rest of the HP Envy 6452e setup.

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