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Hp Envy 6055 Not Connecting To Wifi

Is your HP Envy 6055 printer not connecting to Wi-Fi? Then, you have successfully arrived at the right destination at the right time. It could be really frustrating when you depend on your printer for an urgent printing task, and you find your printer hitting you with connectivity issues.Keep your frustration aside, and let's get it fixed!

Hp Envy 6055 Not Connecting To Wifi
  • Check if your printer is turned on.
  • Make sure you have connected the printer and computer to the same wireless network.
  • Ensure that your network connection is stable.
  • Place the computer and printer close to the router in order to establish a secure connection.

Once the above steps are performed, check if the printer is able to connect to your Wi-Fi. If not, let us start from scratch.


  • Turn on your HP Envy 6055 printer.
  • Connect your computer to the same wireless network to which your printer will be connected.
  • Load the paper into the printer's paper tray, install the ink cartridges, and set everything ready.
  • Place the printer and computer within the Wi-Fi range.


Here, we use the HP Smart app to connect the printer to your Wi-Fi network.

  • Download and install the HP Smart app on your Windows computer.
  • Press and hold the Wireless button at the rear of your printer for three seconds.
  • Launch the HP Smart app on your computer and click the Plus sign.
  • Choose your printer and click Continue.
  • Follow the instructions on the screen, and when prompted to enter the WEP or WPA key, type the key (network password) in the given field.
  • When the printer is connected to your network, click Continue --> Exit Setup.
  • On the control panel, the blue wireless light will turn solid.

Make sure you complete the network setup within two hours. Or else, you have to start it from the beginning.You can fix the HP Envy 6055 not connecting to the Wi-Fi issue by yourself just by following the above procedure, so don't panic. In case you aren't able to do it and looking for some assistance, feel free to call us, and we will do it for you.