HP Envy 6052 Ink Cartridge Replacement - Best Instructions

Ink cartridges in printers are one of the most important consumables. Therefore, once your printer goes out of ink, you must replace the cartridges as soon as possible. HP Envy 6052 is one of the most famous printers in the market today. So many people are using this model for their printing needs. However, when the cartridges become empty or critically low, you need to replace them with the appropriate procedure. This web page goes into detail about HP envy 6052 ink cartridge replacement.

HP Envy 6052 Ink Cartridge Replacement

Take A Look At The The Estimated Ink Levels

Before replacing the ink cartridges, you should know an estimate of the remaining ink levels in the cartridges. This will let you replace only the low and critically low ink cartridges. In this section, you will learn how to check the ink levels using the printer software and the HP Smart app.

  • Open the HP printer software and click the Estimated Cartridge Levels tab.
  • It will show you the ink levels of each cartridge.
  • In case you have installed HP Smart, you can check the ink levels of your HP printer at the top of the app screen.
  • This is how you should check the ink levels of your printer. The oncoming sections will show you how to order new cartridges from HP and install them on your computer.
How To Change Ink In HP Envy 6052

Order New HP Envy 6052 Ink Cartridges

It is always important to replace the expended cartridges with genuine HP cartridges. It is because third-party cartridges may not work efficiently with your HP printer. Keep reading this section to learn how to get new cartridges from HP.

  • Before ordering new cartridges, you must find your printer’s cartridge number; you can find it inside the cartridge access door. If you are using HP Smart, open the app and click the Printer image. Then, click Supported Supplies/Supply Status.
  • To order new cartridges, open the HP printer software on your computer and click Shop followed by Shop For Supplies Online.

Replace The Expended Cartridges

  • First and foremost, turn on your printer.
  • Open the cartridge access door.
  • Next, open the latch on the cartridge slot.
  • Remove the cartridge to be replaced from its slot.
  • Unpack the new cartridges and remove the plastic tape using the pull tab.
  • Now, insert the new cartridge into its slot and close the latch firmly.
  • Finally, close the cartridge access door.
  • When the HP printer software prompts you to align the ink cartridges, go ahead with the instructions on the screen and complete the alignment process.
Close The Latch Firmly


We hope you enjoyed reading our article that shows the “HP Envy 6052 ink cartridge replacement” procedure. In case you do have any questions about the process, you can contact our skilled technicians for assistance. Also learn about HP Envy 6052 Connect To Wifi. You can use the Call button for this purpose.