HP Envy 5055 Wireless Setup - Simple Guidelines

A Wi-Fi setup is a straightforward process and it takes less than a minute to complete. If you’re using the HP Envy 5055 printer and looking for the right guide to HP Envy 5055 Wireless Setup for wireless communication, read this article to learn more about it.

HP Envy 5055 Wireless Setup

HP Envy 5055 Wi-fi Setup - All-in-one Guide

You can set up this Envy printer for wireless communication using two different ways.

  • From the printer’s control panel (Wi-Fi Setup Wizard or WPS)
  • Using the HP Smart app

First Things First - HP Envy 5055

  • Turn on your HP Envy printer, wireless router, and computer if they are turned off.
  • Ensure that your printer is not connected to the computer over a USB or Wired connection.
  • If you’re looking to use the WPS method for wireless setup, get a WPS-enabled router.
  • Gather your wireless network’s SSID and password if you wish to set up the printer over a wireless network using the traditional method, i.e., Wi-Fi Setup Wizard.
  • Similarly, install the HP Smart app on your smartphone or computer if you wish to perform the HP Envy 5055 Wi-Fi setup using the app.
  • Connect your computer or smartphone (on which you wish to install the printer) to the wireless network if it is not connected yet.

Wi-fi Setup From The Printer’s Control Panel

  • Tap on the Wi-Fi icon on your printer’s main screen.
  • Choose Settings > Wireless Setup Wizard or Wi-Fi Protected Setup.
  • Connect your HP Envy 5055 printer to the wireless network by following the on-screen instructions.
  • Once your printer is connected to the wireless network, use the HP Smart app or the printer software to set up the machine on a computer or smartphone over a wireless network.

HP Envy 5055 Wireless Setup Using The Hp Smart App

  • Check if the Wi-Fi Setup Mode is enabled on your printer. If not, restore the printer’s network settings to default to enable it.
  • Open the app on your device to begin the Wi-Fi setup.
  • If you’re using a smartphone, enable the Bluetooth feature on it when prompted.
  • Tap or click on the Setup a new printer or Add Printer option when displayed on the screen.
  • Set up your HP Envy printer on the computer over a wireless network by following the instructions displayed on the app screen.

HP Envy 5055 - Wi-fi Direct

  • Go ahead with this method if you don’t have a wireless router for Wi-Fi setup and looking for an alternative way to perform the same.
  • Locate the Wi-Fi Direct icon on your printer and tap on it (You can find this icon in between the HP ePrint and Wi-Fi icons).
  • Tap on Settings. Now, a screen displaying the Wi-Fi Direct status of your printer will open.
  • Check if the Wi-Fi Direct feature is enabled. If not, enable it.
  • Once the feature is enabled, the printer’s Wi-Fi Direct credentials, such as SSID and password, will display on the screen.
  • Capture them or note them down. Go to your computer or smartphone.
  • Enable the Wi-Fi feature. Search and connect your device to the printer’s Wi-Fi Direct network.

We hope this HP Envy 5055 wireless setup article has helped you set up your printer for wireless communication. Also learn about HP Envy 5055 Driver Download.

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