HP Envy 4502 Troubleshooting - Full Instructions

This HP Envy 4502 troubleshooting article covers the quick and best solutions for the common printer problems. It also includes advanced methods for the commonly-encountered errors, such as ‘0xc19a0005,’ ‘paper mismatch,’ and ‘USB Scanner Connection.’

HP Envy 4502 Printer Troubleshooting

HP Envy 4502 Troubleshooting - Quick & Best Solutions

  • Restart the printer. This method is simple but effective. If you’re facing a problem for the first time, restart the printer. If the same problem persists, learn more about it and then perform the necessary troubleshooting solutions to resolve it.
  • Use one connection. Connecting the printer to one network and your computer to another might lead to a communication issue. As a result, the printer will not be able to receive the printer-related request sent from your computer. To avoid this, use one stable connection to connect your printer and the computer.
  • Install and use the compatible printer driver. Generally, the compatible printer driver must be installed on your computer for the printer to perform its functions properly. So, always make sure that the compatible driver is installed. Also, update the printer driver if the new version is available.
  • Complete the setup. An incomplete printer setup can also lead to many problems. So, check if the printer’s hardware setup is completed. If not, complete it.

HP Envy 4502 Advanced Troubleshooting Solutions

0xc19a0005 Or Missing/failed Printhead

This error code or message will be displayed on your printer screen when the printhead is not installed or detected properly.

  • Check if the printhead is installed properly on your printer to clear this error. If not, remove and reinstall the printhead.
  • Now, check if the printhead error is cleared. If not, reset your printer without ink cartridges.
  • To do so, first, remove the cartridges from your printer.
  • Next, unplug the power cord from the HP printer while it is turned on.
  • Wait for your printer to cool down.
  • Then, turn on your HP Envy printer after connecting the power cord.
  • Reinstall the cartridges and check if the printhead error is cleared.
  • If not, the cause of the problem might be your printer’s hardware. In this case, you have to repair the printer to resolve the error.

Paper Mismatch Error - HP Envy 4502

The error message ‘Paper Mismatch’ is displayed on the printer screen when you load an incompatible paper type or misconfigure the paper type settings.

  • Initially, ensure that you have loaded only the compatible paper into the tray.
  • Next, check whether you have configured the paper type settings correctly in the Print dialog box. If not, configure them correctly and then perform the print operation.
  • If the above method doesn’t clear the error, reset the printer and check whether the error is cleared.
  • If the Paper Mismatch error message is displayed again, reinstall the printer driver to clear it.

Usb Scanner Connection Error (mac)

Is the ‘scanner not found,’ ‘no scan options,’ ‘scanner could not be initialized,’ message displayed on your computer screen? Then, try these solutions to clear it.

  • Restart your devices (computer and printer).
  • Ensure that the recommended USB cable is securely connected from your HP Envy 4502 printer to the computer.
  • Incomplete installation of your printer can also lead to these kinds of errors. To clear this, re-add your printer on the computer.
  • If the re-adding process doesn’t resolve the error, reinstall the printer driver on your computer.
  • Finally, reset the print system if none of the above solutions clear the USB Scanner Connection error.

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