HP Envy 4501 Ink Replacement | Simple Guidelines

Want to know how to replace the ink cartridge on your HP Envy 4501? We got you covered. Let’s discuss the easy and effective solutions for the HP Envy 4501 ink replacement process. A message like “Out of Ink” will appear when a new cartridge is necessary to run your printer. But still, do you really need to replace it? No! We will show you why. Follow the below instructions carefully to learn more about cartridges, replacement, and home remedies for a quick fix.

HP Envy 4501 Ink Replacement

Procedure To Replace A New Ink Cartridge

  • You must ensure that the main tray is loaded with papers and switch on your printer.
  • Switch On Your Printer
  • Unlock the lid to the cartridge access area. You must wait till the carriage stops moving.
  • Now, remove the cartridge from its slot on the printer.
  • Remove The Cartridge From Its Slot
  • To do that, open the cartridge clip and pull the cartridge up and out of the slot.
  • Pull out the new cartridge from the bundle and hold it using only the black-colored plastic sides.
  • Take off the tape from the cartridge.
  • Take Off The Tape
  • Now position the new cartridge and ensure that it properly fits into the respective slot on the printer.
  • Now Position The New Cartridge
  • Close the clip if it is present there.
  • Finally, close the lid of the cartridge access area and set up the printer as usual for the desired output.

Before investing in a new cartridge, try some quick fixes by yourself. The following section is all about that.

Quick Fixes Before Replacing Your Cartridge

  • You can watch your ink levels on the display of your printer. Most of the printers have the indication levels of the ink, which will show you how much ink remains on your printer.
  • Another way is that you can print a print quality report from your printer. You can find the ink status of the cartridges and discover which cartridge is performing poorly. You can also govern this using your software, which you would have installed when getting your printer.
  • Run the print head cleaning process on your HP Envy 4501 printer. If you have not printed in some time, you must do print head cleaning so that it may work now. It’ll take some minutes to finish the process. Once it is over, try printing a test page. If it is not working, let the printer rest for another few minutes and start cleaning again. Keep in mind that the printer will use your ink, and the levels of it will get low.

Closely follow the above instructions to achieve the desired output. This is how you perform HP Envy 4501 ink replacement. Also learn about HP Envy 4501 Wifi Setup.

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